Space and time of openness

Do we ever finish something? Recently I organised a group gathering to talk about creativity. In the interactive discussion part someone said her problem is that she feels she never finishes anything. Can we finish something? What does it mean to finish something? One interpretation is to feel satisfied with what I have done. To know that now this was the best I could do, … Continue reading Space and time of openness

Calligraphy and relocation

We are all creative in different ways and at different levels. At a simple level of everyday creativity we adapt a tool to our own functional or aesthetic need –e.g. DIY, recycling – but at an advanced level of creating there is no predetermined model, the artwork is original, one of its kind. It is an expression of the creator’s inner self. „Self expression interview … Continue reading Calligraphy and relocation

Practicing 11 life skills and creative behaviours while painting

Everyone is creative at some level, but sometimes we are not aware of how and why to ignite our creativity. Have you drawn, painted, crafted, wrote a diary, played theater, danced, explored nature, moved recently? Once you told yourself you are not good in it or you got drawn away and stopped before you could learn a technique that would have given you enough progress … Continue reading Practicing 11 life skills and creative behaviours while painting

Talking ceramics

Work I think should be a meaningful expression of ourselves. Of course,  we have to pay the bills, but to develop a more meaningful and balanced life it is useful to think about different ways  we could  express ourselves and take steps towards it. I met Violeta Karalic at the Professional Women’s Group of Basel, where  we share  and connect with  women living in Basel … Continue reading Talking ceramics

Inspiration to slow

Simple, natural and authentic. These were the first impressions our host  A. Cavazza  gave  as she met  our group   smiling,  when we got off  the motorboat that stopped in the tiny harbour  on Isola di Garda, a little Island on the Garda  Lake in Italy.   We went to visit  the heritage of the Cavazza  family,   taking a break  off our cycling  tour  on the shore. … Continue reading Inspiration to slow

It started…

… with my meetup called ” Share art and creativity”, where I  set out to find like-minded in exploring and practicing my creativity with others. Each of us has a different answer, I think creativity is something that comes by doing and allowing. Every day. Finding different ways of seeing things and expressing it. Doing, not in the sense of being busy and overloading ourselves with … Continue reading It started…